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Landlords .... DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT
By The Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

Failing to use a professional inventory can lead to serious financial loss if your tenants damage your property.

Don’t let that happen to you!

As a successful letting agent/landlord I’m sure you’ll know all about the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and, in particular, how important it is to have and use a carefully compiled inventory for your/your clients’ rental properties.

Quite simply, if you don’t have a professionally prepared inventory there is a considerable risk that, should damage occur to your property, you/your client may not be able to recover the costs from the tenant.

A lot of disputes and problems can occur if landlords let a property without a proper inventory. What we do is prepare a thorough independent report detailing the condition of a property and its contents. It helps protect the landlord’s interests. Not only that but tenants find it much more reassuring when a property they’re renting has a professional inventory as it also protects their deposits. We are registered with The Deposit Protection Service and can accept deposits on behalf of landlords and place them in a custodial account.

Please click here to read through real life case studies that typify some of the conditions that lead to disputes.

Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme
Deposit Protection Service

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